What's TalkHear?

We're a place to find people to talk to. People like you who share your interests and may have had similar experiences. At TalkHear, there are people to talk to and people who will listen.

Why is TalkHear different?

If that's all TalkHear was, then we wouldn't be very different to other websites, but TalkHear uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to watch every conversation in order to keep you safe, and that same A.I. to ensure you're matched as closely as possible to the sort of people you enjoy talking to.

The more people you find to talk with and the more conversations you have, the better our A.I. will get to know what interests you, and what sort of people you get on with best.

That means better conversations, with more interesting people, more of the time. What could be better than that?

So why talk here?

Yes, there are lots of places you can talk to people you already know, but there are fewer places to go to find new people to converse with. Fewer places still where the environment is monitored to identify abuse and exploitation, and even fewer where you can remain completely anonymous.

At TalkHear, who you are is not important, we're only interested in what you have to say and the manner in which you say it. You can't be matched by age, gender, location, height or hair colour, only by the things you're interested in and the sort of person you are.

Our A.I. is always on the lookout for the people who cause trouble or are out to offend or exploit others. After identifying antisocial behaviour, our A.I. makes a note and removes them from future search results.